How To Download Shareit For Android Mobile

Founded in April 2015 ShareIt is a technology company that makes sharing of various content easy. It is a platform where you can share all kind of videos, pictures, Music, and movies. The CEO of ShareIt is Micheal Qiu. The ShareIt was earlier known as Anyshare.

The ShareIt is available in nearly 40 languages. It also replicates SMS, MMS, Video apps and many other data with its another app called CloneIt. Along with CloneIt it also has various other apps like LockIt, listen, CleanIt etc. Today we are providing you with the link to download the ShareIt app on Jio Phones, iPhones, and Window Phones.

ShareIt APK Latest Version in 2018

The link to download the latest version of ShareIt APK 2018 is given below;

ShareIt App for Jio Phones

ShareIt App for iPhone

ShareIt on iPhone can be downloaded by the link provided below;

ShareIt App for Window Phone

ShareIt app is also available on the Window Phone, you can download it from the link that is given below;

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