How To Sandbox Attack By Using Xmod In Clash Of Clans

At the very beginning, you need to make sure have and Xmod. And xmod is there only in rooted Android or in the jailbroken i-phone.

  • Now, firstly you need to install the xmod which is of utter importance for the purpose.
  • The second step is that you got to open the xmod which you have just installed and then for the purpose of the clash of clans you have to download the mob.
  • Now, got to the main menu of the xmod and then go for opening the clash of clans.


The mod needs to be selected by clicking on the mod which is small and located there. Now, the sandbox mode is to be enabled. The troops need to be chosen now carefully. The enemy castle troop of the clan needs to be set now. Now, the enemy troop can be a scout and you can go ahead for the further practising. This is basically called the clash of clans practice attack.

This is also the procedure of clash of clans sandbox 2017.

There are also a lot of features of xmod which are described here too. There are these real-time traps which can be used if you want to know and keep a track of the traps of your opponent team. The copy player layout is such a thing which can be used to copy any village according to the needs of the user or choice of the user.

Basically, the sandbox attack is one of the most popular features in the clash of clans. This is used for the main motive of trail attacks on other villages before the final one. In the order to manage the number of loots one can also set the overall limit of gold.

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