Does Using XmodGames Still Ban in Clash of Clans?

Unfortunately yes, utilization of outsider programming projects is prohibited in COC and Supercell people group is entirely restricting Xmode client accounts.

How to Use Xmod Without Getting Banned

As of late Supercell clearly made a harder line on individuals mishandling and getting rowdy in Clash of Clans, which is something every one of us presumably underwrites. Anyway, I get huge amounts of messages and private messages from individuals who got restricted and look for help or offer “incredible” approaches to cheat in the amusement.

How to Use Xmod Without Getting Banned

In this post, I need to demonstrate every one of you what can get you prohibited and possibly something may astonish you a smidgen – be that as it may, Supercell makes the Terms of Service and you consented to them and there’s no transaction. On the off chance that you break them you may lose your record.

Does Xmod Still Work For Clash of Clans 2018

Ye, sit still works but we as a whole felt that the forbidding and modding would turn into a ceaseless find the stowaway diversion; yet XMod, the greatest and most mainstream supplier of modding instruments, got off to an awful begin.

Does Xmod Still Work For Clash of Clans 2018

Not long after Supercell started their first boycott wave, they expressed that it would, in any case, be protected to utilize XMod; yet it wasn’t, and Supercell conveyed numerous bans to a considerable measure of Cashiers.

Presently, the following piece of this story began when their Facebook Page went disconnected yesterday is as yet not accessible. Likewise, their server has been down for a long while so it would appear that Supercell’s weight is additionally giving them trouble.

I expect the Facebook Page shutdown is identified with legitimate exercises that Supercell started against them.

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