Xmodgames Apk- Download V2.4.0 For Android

If you love playing games on your smartphone but start losing interest at a certain point of time, make use of Xmodgames to enjoy better gaming experience, improve the efficiency of the game the and save time while playing your favorite game. The developers of Xmodgames have designed the app to enhance the features of all popular games and allow modding of the games. Xmodgames Coc allows making alterations to your favorite games thus keeping your interest quotient intact to the game.

Today, with the availability of smartphones at competitive prices, the mobile gaming sector has witnessed a major boom. Mobile gaming, being easily accessible wherever you go, has become one of the favorite pastimes of users in recent times. Tons of interesting games are accessible on smartphones for users to play and make most of their time.

The two most popular operating systems Android and iOS support all the famous games made available by the gaming industry. Talking about the operating system of Xmod for Android, it comes packed with GPU hardware to let users enjoy a smooth gaming experience.

Some of the most popular games on the top of the list include Mortal Combat, Clash Royale, Clash of Clans and Minecraft. Though popular, at some point of time users start losing their interest in the games. The major reason responsible for boredom after a certain point of time is either the game life is of short span or it becomes difficult after a particular level.

To overcome these barriers and let the users enjoy their favorite games with the same enthusiasm, Xmod app is the one to count upon. Xmod app is the best substitute of the lucky patcher.

Xmodgames is one of the most popular hacking software of mobile games. The app offers more Xmod APK free download options as compared to the game itself. If your favorite online games are Clash Royal and Clash Clan, Xmods app helps you to hack these games that come equipped with advanced version and interesting features.

Though the availability of the app is officially restricted by play store one can easily download the app directly from the official website of xmods. Also, be aware of the fact that there are many apps claiming to be like Xmod with the same logos and user interface but these are not authentic ones. The app of Xmodgames is available for free and users can download Xmod Games it from the website directly. Let us talk about some specific key aspects of Xmodgames.

Silent features of Xmodgames

  • The app allows the users to hack all the popular games from the developers. Just like GT series is equipped with different mods, similarly, Xmodgames are also available with many mods. Some mods help in increasing the capacity in terms of life and time while other mods improve the game graphics. These mods also serve to be an accelerator for the games.
  • Earlier the xmod app is available for non-rooted devices too but now after fixes all the bugs and loopholes, the Xmodgames clash of clans are available only rooted devices.
  • The user interface of the app is extremely user-friendly. The app also has the feature of the forum for its users to interact with other users and the profile remains anonymous. You can download Xmod the app not only on smartphones but also on laptops and tablets.
  • The other vital feature of the xmod app is screen recording which allows recording HD videos. This feature is beneficial for bloggers and YouTubers. One can take screenshots when playing their favorite game and share their screenshots and videos directly on the app forum.
  • To ensure users enjoy their unstoppable gaming experience over xmod, the developers update the app regularly. The regular updates make the app not only user-friendly but also make it bug free for smooth gaming experience.
  • One of the exceptional key features that other modding apps do not provide is its automated plugins and scripts that allow playing most of the games automatically. With the automated feature, the users can automate many things and subsequently increase their level in the game.

How Xmod Games Enhances the Gaming Experience

  • This app allows playing each level of the games and letting you skip or surpass the hard level or the level which you do not want to play.
  • Numerous possibilities of the match are made possible with the mod features of your favorite games.
  • With the availability of online forum, you can find gamers with same interest and share views with each other.
  • If you wish to demonstrate the methods and hacking of the games through this app, the recording feature of the gameplay is made available by x mod.

Guide to Download and Install the Xmod APK

It is required to root the device before Xmod download the app. The app is compatible to both operating systems- Android and iOS.

Xmod Games Installation guide for Android

Step 1: Click on the download button as available on the official website of the app.

Step 2: For successful installation of the app on an Android phone, it is required to unknown source as available in settings. This will allow you to install the app outside the play store of Google.

Step 3: Once the app installation is complete, allow root permission to the app.

Step 4: Upon root permission, all the available games gets listed out on app dashboard for hacking or modding.

Step 5: To know the mods available for each game, click the mods tab available in the app. Upon clicking all the details related to the mods appears on the screen, such as mod description, its use, its version and how it functions. Download the app after looking at all its information. Many apps support Xmod games so, for mod installation, click on the icon that looks like the shape of a small head highlighted on the app itself.

Step 6: Once your chosen mod is downloaded successfully, click on the icon to the launch the application. This will provide you with friendly user interface equipped with different features. Make use of the mod the way you like and get the best of hacking and modding gaming experience.

Xmod Games APK Version Information

App Name Xmodgames (Xmod)
Supported On Android 2.3-6.0
App Size 9.5MB
Version                2.4.0 2.4.0
Developers XMG Team

Xmodgames Installation Guide for iOS

Though the app is not available at App store, still you can install the Xmodgames app on your iOS device. There are two ways by which you can install the app on your iOS device. Here is the step-by-step process on both the methods:

1. Installing the Xmodames using .deb file – Do not Require Jailbreak

If your iPhone or iPad is not jailbroken, still you download Xmodmod APK application by following the below simple steps:

Step 1: Download the Xmodgames .deb file on your PC.

Step 2: Upon downloading .deb file, download iTools or iFunbox on your PC through this link.


iToos2.0- Mac & Windows

Step 3: Once the installation of iFunBox is successfully completed, connect your iPhone or iPad with PC.

Step 4:  Open iFunBox on your PC and there will be an option of Connect Device. There will be a list available under the option Connect Device. Click on the option of Cydia App install as available in the list.

Step 5: Drag the downloaded .deb file next to the dialogue box of Cydia App install. Upon completion of this step, the app gets installed automatically and the icon will appear on the home screen of your iOS device.

Installing the X mod Games APK using Jailbreak option

To install the app using this process requires jailbreaking your iOS device first. Upon jailbreak, the installation of Xmodgame becomes easier. Here are further steps to the process:

Step 1: Click on Cydia app on your iOS device whether iPad or iPhone.

Step 2: Once the Cydia app opens, a screen will appear. Click on the option of the Screen.

Step 3: A dialogue screen will appear. Click on the option of Edit.

Step 4: Upon Edit, click on the option of Add. A pop window will appear on the screen asking to Enter Cydia/ APR URL

Step 5: Add https://xmodgames.download/x.deb in the space provided and click on the button Add Source. Upon clicking, it will start downloading Xmodgames.

Step 6: Once the downloading of app is complete, click on the option of Xmodgames and choose All Packages.

Step 7: Again click on Xmodgames and the installation will start automatically. Once the installation is completed successfully, gamers can make alterations to the games as per their choice.

Specifications of Xmodgames App

The name of the app is Xmodgames and supported on Android 2.3 upto 6.0. The size of the app is 9.5 MB. The version number is 2.4.0. XMG Team is the developer of Xmodgames app.

Are all games Xmodgames app support?

The app supports all the popular games of the gaming world. Some of the top most games that the app allows to hack and mod include Pokemon Go, Clash Royale, Stack, Traffic Rider, Clash of Clans, Subway Surfers, Jurassic World, 8 Ball Pool, a Fallout Shelter and Candy Crush Saga.

Xmodgame features for Pokemon Go

  • Movement by Joystick makes control over the avatar as available on the map easier.
  • The option of Teleport makes available flight tickets at various locations. Also, by the use of this feature, gamers can travel from one point to another swiftly.
  • To make transportation simpler, users can set the cord as per their wishes.

Xmodgames hacks available for Clash of Clans

  • There is no need to click Next to search the opponent as the app searches the opponents for users automatically. You can choose from the five options to search that include Elixir, Gold, Maximum Town Hall, Dark Elixir, and Trophy.
  • Enjoy unlimited loot search with the use of this app. What all you need to do is enter the details about the volume of gold, dark elixir or elixir and search for an opponent to attack. The searched opponent will have a higher amount of resources and let you enjoy unlimited looting.
  • You can remain inactive for long, the game will time out. The Xmodgames app allows you to remain active and no one will be able to attack you. Be informed that a lot of data and battery is consumed for this feature.
  • Users can search for villages outside the Town Hall to allow snipping of the hall. The Edge feature allows boosting the trophies by making use of Max Town Hall Distance. A scrollbar will appear by using the Edge feature and the number reflected on the scrollbar denotes the total distance between Town Hall and your corner. It is always best to choose from the numbers between 1 and 4.
  • The awesome feature of Sandbox attack. This allows users to practice before actual Clan wars. Users can visit and attack a base visited. Once you finish the raid, you will not lose anything and the game gets automatically crashed.

App feature for Xmod APK

If you are looking out for hacks in, the Xmodgames developers have designed the feature of Show Rival Elixir. This is an ultimate feature that allows users to see rival’s real-time elixir thus planning the time of attack more accurately.

Xmodgames Features for Minecraft PE

  • Users can adjust the level of characters for better performance in the game.
  • The feature of Building Mod helps the gamers in the faster building.
  • Xmodgames app has the feature of adding items, managing backpack in the server and teleporting.
  • Users can make adjustments to Core Settings and Action Features of TMI (TooManyItem). Some of the worth mentioning adjustments include changing time, switching between Day and Night, change between survival and creative switch, higher jumping and flying option in survival mode.

Key Aspects of Xmodgames App

  • Gadgets are available to experience better social interactions with other users of the game.
  • Features of taking screenshots and HD video recording to showcase the mod and hacking of the app.
  • Availability of chat rooms and forums for users to have a common place for sharing their views and gaming experience.
  • Mods open unlimited options to advance you in the game.
  • The Xmodgames developers have made the app available in many different languages, such as US and UK English, Portuguese, Spanish, and Russian.

Though Xmodgames app comes packed so many thrilling features, it is a flip side too. The use of this app does not allow a fair play. Your account can get banned for the use of this app. Though minimal negative impacts, the app allows real-time fun to gamers to play their favorite games.

Troubleshooting steps for Xmodgames

At times, the Xmodgames app stops running. Do not get worried and just follow these simple steps to troubleshoot the app and enjoy your enhanced gaming experience again. These troubleshooting steps mentioned below are for both operating systems- Android and iOS.

Xmod For Android


  • First, ensure the game is updated to its latest version. Then the next step is to uninstall and reinstall the mod app via Mod
  • Once the mod is updated to its latest version, go to the
  • To exit the Xmodgames app, go to More tab and click on Manager Mods. A further click on Select Mod and final click on Remove.
  • Upon successful removal of the app, reinstall the mod and your app is again ready to function perfectly.

Xmodgames for iOS

If you have an iOS device and you get the notice on relaunching the Xmodgames but you fail to do so, then remove Xmodgames app from your device. Restart your iPhone or iPad and try reinstalling the app. If the app still does not work properly, here is a tutorial to guide you upon:

  • It is required to refresh the app of
  • Re-Open the app of Cydia and go to Xmodgames. Further click on All Packages and select TaiG 8.1.3-8.x Untether.
  • Click
  • Restart your iOS device and the app will work properly now.

If you are not able to understand the use of x mod, the instructions are available on each page of the mod. These instructions will help in understanding how to use the mod and make necessary tweaking to your game. May times gamers are unable to find user interface of the mod. The latest Xmodgames app has moved the mod setting option to the floating window. Click on the Xbot and the mod option will appear. The latest feature of the Floating window in the app is a compilation of mod, capture, forum, record, and accelerator in one place. These features have made sharing and connecting with other users easier and simpler.

If the mod is not functioning properly and you are baffled what might be the reason, stop worrying. For smooth functioning of the mod, it is required to allow root permission. Once you allow root permission on your device, Xmodgames will work properly. If the app is still not working properly, you can email the details of your mobile phone with mentioning of the operating system and model number to the official address to Xmodgames app.

Steps to use accelerator in Xmodgames

  • Open the app of Xmodgames and go to
  • Run the game using Xmodgames.
  • Click on the floating window and then click on the button
  • Enter the value as per your choice. Be informed that accelerator is not functioning for Xmod for COC, server-side games and Boom Beach.

Many users face the issues of COC crashing down. Do not panic. One of the major reasons might be the COC version of your device is not compatible with the latest version of XMod for COC. The easy solution is to update the version of COC game to the COC Mod version. All the detailed information related to COC XMod is available at the official website of the Xmodgames app.

Some Android users also face the problem of Xbot disappearing with a few second of the launching the game through Xmodgames app. This problem mainly occurs on Android 5.1.1 Xmod version 2.0.x. This problem has been fixed in the latest version of the app available on the official website.

If you are getting the prompt message saying Connection error, Installation failed or Installation failed. The first thing to do is check your internet connection. Upon checking, start your device again and wait for some more time. The application of VPN is available both on Google Play Store and App Store. Download the application that comes with the option of Hotspot VPN, Super VPN, and Hola and set to the option of USA. All you need to do is now start your device again and open the app of Xmodgames and enjoy altogether a new gaming experience.

Are you finding trouble in finding the XBot upon starting the mod? Here is a possible solution. For users having the mobile phone Huawei and Huawei, you need to give permission to allow pop-up windows. So, go to Settings in MIUI and click on the installed app. You will see Xmodgames. Click on Permission manager. A Display pop-up window will appear. You need to click on Accept to let Xmodgames run successfully.

Many users are also curious to know the relation between Game upgrade and Mod upgrade. Excluding the game update aspect, all the mods work well for all the games in general circumstances. If the mod is ineffective, chances are updated are made to the game. Do not worry, it is not a bug. The team developers update the games in a timely manner but at times it takes more than usual while updating the mod. Stay active on their Facebook page if you do not want to miss any information from the Xmodgames.

Xmodgames for Huawei

No matter if you are a novice to the Xmodgames app; the developers have made the app so much user-friendly that one can enjoy its exciting features by following simple steps. Undoubtedly, Xmodgames has revolutionized the gaming industry making it interesting and engaging for gamers to play. All the features are customized as per the games thereby enhancing the features of all the games.

So if you want to mark your winning skills in Mortal Combat or Clash of Clan, Xmodgames app helps you to achieve mastery in all the games. You can make necessary alterations as per your requirements and move to advanced levels in the games. The developer team of the app has designed the features in such a way that they are very well supported on both Android and iOS operating system.

Other popular games that come equipped with enriched features of this app include Piano Tiles, Cut the Rope, Brave Frontier, and Easy Touch Classic. Once the download is successful via the original website of the app, a small icon will appear on the screen indicating the successful installation. Play your favorite game with Xmodgames app downloaded and enjoy a different world of gaming. To boost your gaming skills, the app provides with the option of video recording in HD and the facility of screenshots which you can share on the social platform too.

Though Xmodgames work well on rooted devices at times it might happen that it does not work. The solution is to first check whether it has rooted properly or not. Presently, Xmodgames is not supported on some of the devices, including Bluestacks, ASUS zenfone 5, some Android emulators and Samsung devices with Android Lollipop. The developer team is working on it and soon gamers can enjoy playing games with the app on these devices too. The team keeps on providing regular updates so make sure your device is updated so that you are not missing on any hack or mod for your favorite game.

Do not just be limited to playing the game with enhanced features, hacks or cheats available, increase your horizon by being part of the Xmodgames forum and get connected to numerous other users sharing similar interest. The forum platform provides a chance to get social and enjoy the game at the same time. Playing with the improved graphics gives a chance to users to have real-time enjoyment. The interface design of the app is so much user-friendly that it will surely leave you to spell bounded for your gaming experience. Save time, increase lifespan, gain more points along with many other features with Xmodgames App.